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Master Influencer Boot Camp for Women

Mini-MBA online course with real-life case studies

Learn strategic tools to sell yourself and your ideas at work

Network with high-potential women from all over the world

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We will help you leverage your authentic self and master the core concepts and techniques of influence to win over the people you work with and beyond

Do you ...


  • Have fantastic ideas but have a hard time selling them to your organization?

  • Manage large scale projects without direct authority over the parties involved?

  • Struggle to find the right temperature for your leadership style? Too soft? Too aggressive?

  • Want to show your boss that you're ready for that promotion?

  • Need to navigate a political environment and its "unwritten rules"? 


Master Influencer Boot Camp Objectives:
  • Learn practical strategies to influence people at the workplace

  • Build effective relationships

  • Craft your personal style as an asset

This course is for you if you are...
  • A highly motivated female professional with at least 5 years of work experience

  • Mid-career and figuring out next steps in your leadership development

  • Working in complex environments where you have to juggle multiple stakeholders


Course format:

  • The format is conducted via video conference and is mix of lecture, individual activities, and group discussions (total commitment of about 2.5 hours a week for 4 weeks)

  • Lectures are recorded for students who prefer the self-paced option

Network with others - Influencer Community:

Course participants gain access to an exclusive facebook group where they can meet professional women from other industries and countries. There will also be additional activities and materials shared in the group

Course Dates/Times: 

Five weeks, Sundays,  2-4pm US Central Time. Dates: 10th, 17th, 24th of September, 1st of October, and an optional session on October 15th.

You can review a more detailed schedule of lectures and assignments in the course syllabus.

Course description

Video Testimonials

Alexia, Marketing Manager, Rio de Janeiro

Rhea, Software Products Consultant, San Francisco

Influence challenge: advancing global marketing strategy in a startup which got acquired by a larger company

"I loved that the course was very actionable because it helped me think about my situation, how I felt, what was happening... Doing this in such a short period of time was very helpful because I could change my behavior very rapidly."

Influence challenge: managing stakeholders and finding own leadership style

"I really enjoyed the small group setting and the ability to connect with others and hear about their perspectives and how they overcame their challenges. This was really valuable! I already used the stakeholder mapping to tool to help a friend at a client company."

Course Modules

Course modules

Course Format

Lectures via Video Conference

Downloadable Worksheets

Scenario Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

Credibility Checklist

Assignments / Facebook Live Group Discussions

Influence course


Why and when you should use strategic influence and what are the 5 barriers to success

Bonus: free leadership skills assessment


Understand human behavior, your strengths and the 6 influence channels




-video assignment

-360 personality test


Map stakeholders and assess relative interest and power [case study]


Bonus: power analysis worksheets


Develop a strategy to move people towards your goals



-how to deal with conflict?

-Elements of Storytelling


Use SWOT analysis to identify next steps and create your development plan

Bonus: 1-1 session to review influence strategy and development plan 

Your Instructor 

Miriam Grobman has built her career around influencing large and small organizations around the world. She gained the trust of her colleagues and managers, achieving excellent results running large-scale projects across multiple departments and continents. She also mastered the art of managing upward, building her credibility as an expert and trusted advisor. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, she successfully navigated the uncertain waters of B2B selling, landing her first large corporate clients and negotiating contracts within just months of starting her consulting firm.

Miriam loves talking about strategy and negotiations and mentoring and coaching individuals to achieve success in their careers.

Miriam has worked with executives in the USA, Europe and Latin America across the banking, mining, technology and cosmetic industries for brand names such as Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, Coty and Vale SA. In 2014, she started a  consulting practice focused on promoting women’s leadership through culture change and leadership development.

Miriam holds an MBA degree with concentration in Strategy and Business Development from the Wharton School, an MA in International Studies from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor's of Economics and Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Your Instructor
NARS, Influence, course

Elaine Burns, Project Manager, NARS Cosmetics

"Armed with this knowledge/tactics, I am already feeling more confident in the workplace and can be more effective - especially when dealing with senior leadership.

This was a wonderful course!  Thank you!"

Natasha Gaertner, Market Risk Analyst, Neoenergia

"Miriam’s international and interdisciplinary background provides a wealth of relevant data and case studies. Her expertise on the work environment in multicultural settings is highly pertinent and applicable for professionals across different sectors and levels. She is motivating and inspiring by always bringing insights and realistic strategies for influencing people in the workplace." 

Renata Caminha, Global Product Manager, Hilti

"Miriam has a passion for developing people and igniting positive changes. With her sharp approach and engaging style, she is very skillfull in discussing relevant examples and identifying the pain points which lead to powerful reflections. I'm personally a big fan of Miriam and her work, our inspirational talks were key for me to drive my career to the next level."

Swiss Re, Infleunce course

Marina Vannucci, Investment Professional, Swiss Re

"Influencer Boot Camp is a great name for this course, given how much content there is around the topic and how Miriam trains her students to put theory into practice. Thanks to the interactive classes, homework and reference materials, I now have the concrete tools to increase my influence in my workplace and become a more effective leader. 



Meet The Advisors Who Contributed to this Course

Emma Vas


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Emma is Director of Marketing at R2Sonic LLC. She is a Brand, Digital and Product Marketing strategist who has propelled teams to drive growth both in B2B and B2C markets globally. Emma has held leadership roles in the high tech, manufacturing and outsourcing industries both in smaller companies and in large multinationals such as Dell. Emma holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and an undergraduate degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ieda Novais

Ieda Novais


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

A seasoned executive with over 40 years of professional experience in company management and oversight. Retired partner and corporate director of KPMG. President of the Brazilian Women Leaders for Sustainability Network. Serves on several boards focusing on sustainability, management and nominations.

Erica Siegel Hanning


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Erica is a Vice President of Lionstone Investments, a Houston-based real estate investment firm. She has facilitated and executed multi-million dollars real estate investments at private equity firms, financial institutions, developers and homebuilders. Erica also holds  leadership roles in several organizations supporting women in the real estate industry.

Erica received an MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University.

Ieda Novais

Stefanie Fitzgerald


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Stefanie is a Vice President of Corporate Marketing EMEA at Estee Lauder. She has over 20 years of experience in business development and marketing in the cosmetics and consumer goods industries, previously working for brand powerhouses Coty and Unilever. Stefanie is a truly global leader with experience in Germany, USA, UK and France with projects in China, India and South East Asia.

Peter Shaefer


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Peter is a versatile senior executive with over 30 years of experience in corporate M&A, business development and finance. He is currently an independent consultant to the Private Equity industry. Peter previously served as Senior VP and Group CFO, executing multi-billion dollars deals at Coty (cosmetics industry) and held leadership roles in various large multinationals.

Course advisers

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