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Training: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

We all try to make the best decisions when it comes to hiring, developing and promoting talent in the quest of making our organizations more efficient and successful.  Yet, we may not always have the best information about our candidates’ potential and we resort to relying on our beliefs and assumptions. This may or may not result in investing in the best candidates for the job. The World Economic Forum cites unconscious bias among managers as one of the key factors preventing women from reaching leadership positions in companies. Google, Facebook and Microsoft and even the US Army recently started implementing unconscious bias training to raise awareness and create bias-free workplaces.


In this interactive session we will discuss:

  • What is unconscious bias and who has it?

  • What are some of the most common biases that play out at work?

  • What’s the impact of bias on business results?

  • How can managers reduce bias in decision-making and how can employees overcome bias against them?

Available formats: Webinar or Talk (45 min - 1 hour), Employee Workshop (2 hours), Leadership Workshop (3 hours)


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