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Why Work with Me?


Many consulting firms try to sell you very expensive and one-size-fits-all solutions.


My approach is different. I'm passionate about developing high-potential women and creating ecosystems to ensure that the benefits of their success are realized by organizations. I have experienced the difficult path of becoming a leader in male-dominated industries such as technology, banking and mining therefore, I know first-hand  the needs and challenges of women in similar situations. 


I also collaborate with subject experts and technology providers around the globe to tap into the most innovative and comprehensive tools. 


You should work with me if you relate to one or more of the following statements:


  • You are sick of “fluffy” buzzwords and want a hands-on approach to women's leadership development

  • You are overwhelmed by the clutter and need a trusted advisor who can curate quality content

  • You have gotten many generic proposals and want a tailored solution to your strategic needs and budget

  • You are tired of many parallel initiatives and want a cross-functional approach that better utilizes company resources and effectively drives engagement

  • You are thinking locally but want access to global mindset and thought leadership

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