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Executive Presence Lab 

Learn to project an image of a competent and confident woman leader

Do you want to ...

Understand the secret sauce behind Executive Presence and how you stack up?

Communicate strategy and vision like a C-level executive?

Calmly manage interruptions and negative comments in meetings?

What sets us apart?

Attend From Anywhere

Your Learning Team

Your Game Plan

It's an online course, so you can join class from anywhere

Participate in live simulations and get critical feedback 

Share experiences and learn with  supportive peers from all over the world

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"There was so much excellent content that was not in any of the other courses I've taken. I can read books and gain knowledge all day, but without someone showing me how to apply that learning, it's only half the battle. I'm ready to take my career to the next level!"

Melissa, Product Manager, Tech Company, Gilbert, AZ

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"Completing my EP profile and reviewing it with my boss made me realize that I took "being professional" too far and left my real self at home when coming in to work. It was all professionalism. It was my big aha moment; I need to balance professionalism while being myself." 

Cendy, Manufacturing Expert, Agilent Technologies, Austin, TX


"The lab is superbly well thought-of and designed. I always felt that it was a "safe" place to learn/speak up/help/rant... and that none of the women there would judge each other, but rather be supportive and empathetic."

Llarina, Employer Branding Lead, Food and Beverages Multinational, Spain


"I was really happy with the course. The format is great! It's dynamic! Theory aligned with practice. The group meetings were really enriching. The suggested materials (podcasts, articles and videos) were very useful and insightful."

Natasha, Finance Manager, Energy Company, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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