Corporate Programs and Webinars

Customized programs delivered  in-house and virtually, in English or Portuguese

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Stakeholders Management

Does your team need to manage projects across a matrix organization and is struggling to get traction and buy-in from stakeholders?

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and prioritize stakeholders

  • Tailor the message to different situations

  • Present oneself as an authority on the topic and gain credibility with senior management and other departments

Expected outcomes:

  • Develop a short term and long term influence strategy for individuals or the team as a whole

  • Empower team members and prepare them to drive projects more effectively across the organization


Strategically Building a Women's Leadership Pipeline at Your Organization

Are you a leader who is passionate about diversity and advancing women into top roles but you find the current discussion about diversity too abstract and / or not aligned with business priorities? Do you feel overwhelmed by the various diversity initiatives and unsure of their effectiveness? Do you want to prepare your leadership team to act as change agents?

Learning objectives:

  • 7-step strategic framework for developing a practical strategy 

  • Common (individual and organizational) barriers that women face at work

  • Business case for advancing women leaders

  • Common pitfalls to avoid and critical success factors

Expected outcomes:

  • Gain a mental map for understanding how to structure a robust and effective strategy

  • Identify low hanging fruit

  • Prepare your leaders to act as change agents

  • Define short and long term goals


Boost Your Strategic Influence at Work

Do you want to prepare the women in your organization to take on leadership roles and lead more effectively while navigating office politics and complexity? 

Topics covered:

  • What is influence?

  • Why strategic influence is a critical managerial skill?

  • The 5 barriers to influence

  • Why Credibility ≠ Credentials?

  • Building networks

Also available as in-depth, one or two day trainings, based on the Influence Masterclass Format) 


Women's Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities

Do you want to raise employees' awareness about gender differences in the workplace? Are you not sure how to bring up the issues in a way that will generate a productive discussion?

Topics covered:

  • Global and industry scenarios of female leadership pipelines in companies

  • Structural and individual factors that influence women’s career progression

  • How to evaluate own scenario and be more successful as well as support the professional growth of future generations of female leaders in your company

Option: extend to team workshop


Building the Right Culture for Growth 

Do you have a particularly great culture and are concerned about maintaining it while you scale up your startup or department? Or, does your current work culture keep you from achieving desired results?

Learning objectives:

  • Organizational culture, its dimensions and levers

  • Hofestede Model for defining your ideal culture

  • What works and what needs to change about your current organizational culture

  • What leadership needs to do to help employees work more effectively

Expected outcomes:

  • Acquire a common language to discuss organizational culture and its levers

  • Articulate strengths and blockers of your current culture

  • Define action items and empower the team to tackle next steps


Bonus: an online diagnostic of current and desired culture


Cross-Cultural Management

Are cross-cultural differences keeping your global team from achieving optimal results? Are you preparing for global growth and want to make sure that your leaders are ready to manage international teams?

Learning objectives:

  • Tools for understanding cross-cultural differences and how they influence work interactions 

  • Unique characteristics that are relevant to the most common national cultures represented in your organization

  • Strategies for managing daily cross-cultural challenges of global project teams: communication, building relationships, managing people.

Expected outcomes:

  • Strengthen leaders'/ team’s capabilities in working cross-culturally

  • Identify key barriers to successful collaboration in your organization 

  • Collect insights on regional differences and challenges 

Bonus: an online diagnostic of current cultural barriers to collaboration


Executive Presence Lab

Do you want to prepare the women in your organization to take on top roles by strengthening their executive presence in meetings and other important interactions?

Topics covered:

  • What are the levers of Executive Presence?

  • Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

  • Authenticity v. Adaptability

  • Communicating vision like a C-level exec

  • Calmly dealing with interruptions and negative comments in meetings