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Are you having a hard time recruiting, retaining or promoting women professionals into key roles? I can help. 


My Services

Management Consulting

  • Connecting diversity actions with company's business 

  • Short and long term strategy development

  • KPI's definition

  • Translation of vision into concrete actions

Speaking / Workshops

  • In-company or virtual training on topics related to women and leadership

  • Facilitation of strategic discussion with management

  • Coaching leadership team to act as change makers

Online Courses

  • Interactive and scalable leadership training programs  on a variety of topics such as: strategic influence, cross-cultural management and executive presence


Emmanuel Toutain 


Terefic, Inc.

"I enjoyed having Miriam as a keynote speaker at the Wharton Alumni Club of Austin luncheon. She led an important and very interesting conversation about women's leadership. Miriam is an outspoken scholar who engages her audience with facts, data-driven analysis, stories and thought-provoking discussions."

Adriana Knackfuss

Digital Transformation Director

Coca-Cola LATAM

"The workshop Miriam Grobman led for Coca-Cola Brazil helped us reinforce the debate and reflection about the important theme of women's leadership. The content, as well as the structure/interactions of the event, were extremely positive."

Beatriz Copelli 

Head of IT Canada & Mexico

British American Tobacco

"Miriam was a speaker at our Women in IT event. She shared interesting and quality content and very good insights from her experience and knowledge about gender diversity. We had a very good discussion with the whole audience, making the topic relevant and interesting for both men and women. The event's success led us to hiring Miriam to conduct additional webinars to bring the content to our global IT teams."

Are you thinking strategically about developing women leaders?

Percentage of Women in Each Level at 130 EMEA Companies

Companies with more women in leadership do better


Catalyst’s 2011 study found that companies with the most women board directors outperformed those with the least on return on sales (ROS) by 16 percent and return on invested capital (ROIC) by 26 percent. Other studies around the world have shown similar results. 


You've been investing in diversity initiatives yet your female leadership pipeline has a leak

Research findings show that even when companies recruit equal numbers of female and male candidates, female candidates tend to stay in operational roles and have much lower chances of advancing to subsequent levels

Leadership development must start early


Many women drop out of the leadership track mid-career (ages 29-38), yet most leadership programs focus on executives. There are too few female executives to build a robust pipeline. 


Let's strategize about your untapped female talent

Diversity efforts often fail because of faulty implementation and disconnect from corporate culture. I can help you recruit, retain and promote talented women by adapting your organizational culture and creating targeted leadership development programs 


Why work with me?

You should work with me if you can relate to one or more of the following statements:


  • You are sick of “fluffy” buzzwords and want a hands-on approach to women's leadership development

  • You have gotten many generic proposals and want a tailored solution to your strategic needs and budget

  • You are thinking locally but want access to global mindset and thought leadership

  • You are overwhelmed by the clutter and need a trusted advisor who can curate quality content

  • You are tired of many parallel initiatives and want a cross-functional approach that better utilizes company resources and effectively drives engagement

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