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Are you spending all of your time putting out fires ? I can help you move from strategy to execution through process design and automation. 


My Services

Management Consulting

  • Business process and organization design

  • Planning / OKRs development 

  • Short and long term strategy

  • Resource optimization (human and systems)

Speaking / Workshops

  • In-company or virtual training for individual teams

  • Facilitation of strategic discussion with management

  • Coaching leadership team members

Online Courses

  • Interactive and scalable leadership training programs  on a variety of topics such as: strategic influence, cross-cultural management and executive presence

Why work with me?

You should work with me if you can relate to one or more of the following statements:


  • You had wasted time and money with consultants and want someone who can not only provide solutions but also help your team quickly implement them

  • You have gotten many generic proposals and want a tailored approach to your strategic needs and budget

  • You want access to global markets and experience

  • You are overwhelmed by the clutter and need a trusted advisor who can offer quality insights

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