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Influence Masterclass

Master the tools used by successful executives to achieve your goals at work

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Do you...

Have fantastic ideas but have a hard time selling them to your organization?

Manage large scale projects without direct authority over the parties involved?

Struggle to find the right temperature for your leadership style? Too soft? Too aggressive?

Want to show your boss that you're ready for that promotion?

Need to navigate a political environment and its "unwritten rules"?

Consider joining the Influence Masterclass!

What sets us apart?

Attend From Anywhere

Your Learning Team

Your Game Plan

It's an online course, so you can learn from anywhere

We give you practical strategic tools you can apply immediately

Share experiences with an amazing community of professional women from all over the world



Project Manager, New York City

"I was interacting with senior management more than I had in my previous jobs... I wanted to really sharpen my negotiations and leadership skills.  I had already used the concept of soft power to refocus my stakeholders on the project..."


Product Executive, San Francisco

"Every week I could take something that we learned and apply it... my biggest learning was that credibility is not just about your credentials! This course helps you understand how to be more influential while being yourself"


"I got a PROMOTION!!!!

And a 12.5% raise and an expanded role in my team. Thanks so much for your help! The course really encouraged me to reach out to my manager and ask for what I wanted." 


- A., Scientist, Biotech Company, Austin 


"I applied my new-found knowledge of influence to build my company's most successful marketing campaign ever, which my boss now nominated for a third-party marketing award!" 



- Leah, Marketing Lead, Tech Company, Vancouver 

"In my last review, I was seen as very strategic and attentive to business needs. Now my managers recurrently seek my advice on how to improve projects and processes. There's a 'before' and 'after' me in how I approach presentations and meetings."


- L., HR Lead, Retail Multinational, Madrid 

Who is this program for?
  • Mid-career women with at least 5 years of experience

  • First-time managers

  • Cross-functional project leaders

  • Working in complex large organizations or in unstructured startup environments

About your Instructor

Miriam Grobman has built her career around influencing large and small organizations around the world. She gained the trust of her colleagues and managers, achieving excellent results running large-scale projects across multiple departments and continents.


Miriam’s consulting practice focuses on promoting women’s leadership through organizational culture change and leadership development. 


Prior to starting her company, Miriam worked with executives in the USA, Europe and Latin America across the banking, mining, technology and cosmetic industries for brand names such as Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, Coty and Vale SA. 


Miriam holds an MBA with concentration in Strategy and Business Development from the Wharton School, an MA in International Studies from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, and Bachelors of Economics and Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. 



Become powerful without formal authority

Why and when you should use strategic influence and what are the 5 barriers to success

Bonus: free leadership skills assessment


Everyone's different. What's the best way to influence them?

Understand human behavior, your strengths and the 6 influence channels

Bonus: Video assignment, 360 personality test


Real world case study: influencing in a matrix organization

Map stakeholders and assess relative interest and power

Bonus: power analysis worksheets


Build convincing arguments and sell your projects

Develop a strategy to move people towards your goals

Bonus: how to deal with conflict?


Your Influence Action Plan

Use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to identify next steps and create your development plan

Course modules


Course Format
Video Lectures 


Assignments / Facebook Live Group Discussions


Downloadable Worksheets
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