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Inspirational Leader - Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest

I discovered Sallie Krawcheck on my quest for inspirational female leaders. She used to be a very senior executive on Wall Street who later in her career turned entrepreneur by taking over and growing Ellevate Network (previously 85 Broads) focused on leadership development for women. Recently, she raised $10 MM Series A investment to launch Ellevest, a platform that aims to solve women's investment gap. Knowledge@Wharton agrees with me because it featured Sallie as one of six inspirational leaders in an e-book titled Conversations on Leadership. You can watch / read the feature here. You can also follow her on LinkedIn for some practical, yet humorous, career advice.

"I always said as a manager and a leader, I embrace your opinion; I would love to hear your opinion, but we are making decisions off of facts and off of research. I read research like other people read sports magazines or fashion magazines." -Sallie Krawcheck

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