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Case Study: ThoughtWorks Takes Action on Diverse Hiring

Thought Works, Diversity Recruiting

While many companies love talking about diversity and creating diversity programs, ThoughtWorks, a global tech consulting firm headquartered in Chicago with 3,000 employees decided to do something and change the story for women in tech.

"For the past five years, ThoughtWorks has aggressively sought to increase the number of women in its ranks, with impressive results — nearly doubling the percentage of women in tech roles to 32 percent from 17. The company’s most recent hiring class was 57 percent women, surpassing its 50 percent target. These are unheard of numbers in tech."

The two things that the company does intentionally are hiring outside the computer science major (seeking diversity of experience and thought) and structuring its interview process to avoid unconscious bias. For more details, read the full article about it.

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