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Stories That People Tell Me: Commitment to Make a Difference

“Last year had a female in my team. I remember my thoughts during her first month in the team… she was insecure and I was not sure whether she is good. On top of it she joined my team at the same time with a male who was very capable and very confident. But then I got to know the girl and learned that she is actually also very good and just hid it because of the insecure / more cautious appearance. I ended up promoting her skills and capabilities internally, and got her a more senior role. She is now on maternity leave hence the guy took some advances but she is joining us again in few months. She is my commitment to prove to myself that we women can support each other. And also such a classic example of very similar level of skills and experience that are perceived differently at first sight due to differences in self confidence!”

- anonymous, Director, banking industry, Switzerland


Miriam Grobman Consulting works with organizations that want to advance more talented women into leadership roles by breaking cultural barriers and giving them the right skills to be successful. Our approach is data-driven, global and collaborative.


Are you facing challenges in achieving your goals because you don't have direct authority over the people you depend upon (bosses, co-workers, suppliers, clients, etc..)? If you want to learn how to use soft power in high-stake situations with a group of professional women from all over the world, this course may be for you. Learn more here.

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