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Many diversity programs under-perform because they focus on stand-alone initiatives such as recruiting and special events. Unfortunately, they ignore more complex elements of talent management and organizational culture. This is why, despite numerous efforts, the percentage of women in the C-suite in the United States has barely budged over the past 20 years. Rewriting the story of women in leadership requires a comprehensive structural solution that combines elements of corporate strategy, organizational culture and leadership development

Strategy & Organizational Culture
Strategy & Org Culture

For any large-scale change to happen in an organization, it must be incorporated into the company's strategy, implemented by its structure and control systems and most importantly, reinforced by its organizational culture. 





Strategy and organizational Culture, Geert Hofstede


  • Quick Scan of existing organizational culture (Hofstede Organizational Culture Model) to identify which elements discourage diversity (ex: closed communications, means-oriented instead of goal-oriented approach to results, strict discipline and parochial environment)

  • Review Talent Management processes for gender bias, including but not limited to: performance management, compensation, talent (promotion) review, recruitment, selection and retention, developing and training.

  • Develop the business case and performance indicators for promoting women in your company, focusing on value-add to business results. 

Structural Actions

  • Coach senior management to act as agents of change

  • Develop communication and training plans

  • Define priority structural changes to address key gaps


Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Most leadership development programs are costly and are offered exclusively to senior executives. For many women, this may be too late. Research shows that professional women often drop out of the leadership track around the ages of 28-38 (mid-early career). 

A robust leadership pipeline requires focusing on middle-career women and building up the skills that will make them successful:



Who am I? What are my goals? What's holding me back?

Personal Branding


What are my strengths and achievements? How can I credibly present myself to others?

Networking / Relationship Building


How can I meet people and build effective professional relationships?

Negotiation and Influence Skills


When should I negotiate? What techniques can I apply to get more out of opportunities?

I work with partners in areas of coaching, leadership training, engagement technology and events management in order to create programs that are tailored to the needs of the audience in your organization, based on interests, level of experience or strategic priorities.

Typical engagements may include:

  1. Leadership talks, webinars or workshops (learn more

  2. Corporate training programs (learn more)

  3. One-on-one mentoring with individuals or groups (learn more)


Examples of Topics:


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