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Research confirms the need for action on women's leadership

I previously wrote how, while working in a mining company in Brazil, I got inspired to engage in promoting women in leadership. When I came back to the United States, I didn't really know what I was going to do about it.
In the meantime, I immersed myself in trying to find solutions. I read numerous reports from Catalyst, World Economic Forum, Mercer, McKinsey and other publications. I spoke to women in Technology, Banking, Academia, Oil & Gas and Media; women who were single, women with kids, women who didn't want to have kids; women who worked for someone and women who started their own businesses. I spoke to women (and some men) in the USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, and Austria. I went on to social media and started sharing content through my Facebook page on Leadership and Women and YouTube Channel and started putting some thoughts in writing. The same trends kept emerging again and again. Unconscious (or Conscious Bias), Work-life Balance, and the Confidence Gap were the three things that came up the most in my research. I also found that, despite the abundance of information about the problem and the lost opportunity, most people were fairly unaware and most companies unwilling to admit the above. There was a lot of conversation and very little action.

Hello World!

I am now more convinced than ever that it's possible to change the story for women in leadership and this is why I started Miriam Grobman Consulting. I want to help transform organizations to more diverse and inclusive places and support talented women leaders by providing guidance, inspiration and training to make them more successful in those organizations. I believe that if we had more talented women in leadership, our companies and societies would be better places to live and work in. I look forward to engaging with you in this important discussion.

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