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Women Have Different On-The-Job Experiences Than Men

The Bain study about women's ambitions and confidence I previously wrote about found that women's experience in mid-career was different from that of men. Women felt that they didn't match the stereotypical models of success of their companies and lacked supervisors' support for their career progress. Other research findings supported this claim - "What’s not happening are discussions of goals, career strategies, job satisfaction, overall trajectory and—especially—the simple giving of real encouragement, all in a business culture that rarely celebrates women’s role models. While every insecure overachiever (the definition of strivers) needs encouragement, our research clearly demonstrates that, because of gender differences, men get it more frequently than women. One study by the Center for Talent Innovation even showed that two-thirds of male managers balk at counseling more-junior women; if the conversations don’t take place, the needed affirmation simply can’t happen." Source: Orit Gadiesh and Julie Coffman, "Companies Drain Women’s Ambition After Only 2 Years," Harvard Business Review. May 18, 2015

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